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Here (not anywhere) forms the second edition of A Series of Suggestions by researcher Leonie Persyn. The publication is a search towards an artistic recipe, averse to ingredients, that allows us to question what exactly makes Hoofwijk’s practice her own. The publication contains five small folders that unfold unto one large poster.

The first one discusses the places, contexts, locations: here.
The second one speaks of the working method: listening.
The third one is for the work itself: it.
The fourth folder is dedicated to the audience, the perceivers: us.
The latter is about the aim of the work and where it is trying to lead: nowhere else.

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A Series of Suggestions explores how suggestions can function as a possible research output. It reveals a collaborative thinking practice between the academic and the artistic realm. It shows how the dramaturgical practice of an academic researcher stimulates a re-evaluation of the research process. Suggestions are never clear-cut answers or solutions for a problem; they hover between a recap of what has already been done and a forecast of undiscovered paths. They affirm and question at the same time. Suggestions highlight the strength of (past) fragilities and uncertainties and feed future dialogues and explorations.

Each edition of A Series of Suggestions exhibits a constant dialogue between practice and discourse; between researcher and artist. It gives an insight to a particular collaboration at the base of the research project The Sound of a Shared Intimacy (S:PAM – Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University). One edition contains five small and thematic folders. Each folder can be folded open into an artwork.

In short, A Series of Suggestions is an attempt to bring the constant dialogue between academia and artistic practices forward and aims to bridge the gap between working process and end result. It is a look behind-the-scenes for academic and artistic audiences, which celebrates collaboration and shows how artist and academic doubt and search together.

Leonie Persyn

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In collaboration

Leonie Persyn, Laura Broux, S:PAM – Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Ghent University

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