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Rita Hoofwijk


Being Here for You

Being Here for You is an ongoing work in collaboration with South African artist Hannah Loewenthal. It began as a response to the situation of lockdowns and the impossibility of relocating ourselves and our work. We asked: Do you have to see something with your own eyes, hold it with your own hands in order for an experience to be considered ‘real’? Would it be possible to ask someone else to be your eyes, ears, hands? These questions resulted in an ongoing exchange consisting of (im)possible requests and led to the following question: Is it possible to make work for another? As an exploration of this last question geographically distant artists, partners and sites are connected in an exchange to create in-situ work, without travelling physically.

Now: on Terschelling Emke Idema is making work for Naja Lee Jensen.
In collaboration with partners: Oerol (Terschelling NL), Østfold Internasjonale Teater (Fredrikstad, NO), SoAP Maastricht

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