Rita Hoofwijk

excerpt from A Series of Suggestions by Leonie Persyn

Dear Leonie,

I want to enter here. 

You could argue that I only have to make an effort if I want to go elsewhere, but I have come to understand this is not the case. Being here isn’t obvious. Entering here requires my presence. I do not succeed all the time (and may never) but this is how I practice. I would like to believe I’m getting better at being–here.
At times it feels like I’m dreaming, trying to remember how to open my eyes, but inside the dream I have never closed them. I want to open my eyes. I don’t want to invite you into another world. I don’t want to invent another world. I want us to honor this one. I believe it happens here. I want to listen. I want to be here.
Let’s resist all other tempting heres, because this here exists nowhere else. I want to get here. I would like you to land here with me. I want us to recall where we are. I don’t think we will know why, but we are. Here. I would like us to stay–for a little while–until this here has changed and we have to start over.
We need to do nothing in order to get here. We only have to be here. We have to be only here. We have to be nowhere else.
I wish to take you nowhere else.

– Rita