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Durations is a series of performances curated by David Weber-Krebs in and around a glass house on top of the city. For this format, a series of practitioners are invited to think and develop an intervention with a durational dimension.

The fourth edition hosted the Ambassadors of Cribbage, at the invitation of Rita Hoofwijk.

For over 15 years, artists Ron Bernstein and Rod Summers have met each other on Thursdays at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht to play a card game called Cribbage. Once in a while they take their performance to the public, to play at art institutions. This time an audience was invited to spend the Sunday afternoon in their presence in a domestic environment; to follow the score and their thoughts, to watch the changing lights of the sky above Brussels or simply stay for the duration of the game.

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David Weber-Krebs, Ron Bernstein, Rod Summers, Outline

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