On a Monday


A paper booklet showing all surfaces walked upon one Monday in November 2020.

Edition of 100 pieces.
Printed in Brussels, December 2020


“After a long time of preparing projects in the (far) future and digital meetings, I had the desire to make something concrete and hold it in my hands. This small work arises from that wish and from the specific living conditions in times of pandemic.”


The paper band holds together an accordion of images. As I touch the paper, I am moved by this small gesture of art. The gift makes me smile, I feel like receiving a love letter. I feel oscillation inside my body, excitement and curiosity mingles. I slide the paper band to the top. A sidewalk appears.
I turn the last page and I am back at the beginning. This booklet turns just like the earth we are walking on.
Hoofwijk’s On a Monday I walked on the same Earth as you demonstrates such an attitude of walking and thinking that enables us – both artist and spectator – to acknowledge, express, experience and resonate (with) certain elements of the current situation, that cannot be grasped in concepts or even words. It reveals how we are condemned to slowly move, in order to cope with the motionlessness of the societal situation. 

Leonie Persyn, Playing around with Artworks and Phenomenologies

In collaboration

Felix Schellekens, SoAP Maastricht

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