Being Here for You

Performance & Text

Being Here for You is a collaboration between Rita Hoofwijk and South African (based) artist Hannah Loewenthal. When travel become impossible in 2020 and the distance between them became fixed, they began an exchange of written requests and embodied responses.


Can you experience the world through the eyes, ears, hands of another?

Can you see, hear, touch your everyday for another?

In 2023, the archive will be shared on coinciding dates, corresponding with the texts sent three years earlier.


Visit the work now:  beinghereforyou.com

In collaboration

Hannah Loewenthal, Felix Schellekens, Ehud Neuhaus, Yvonne van Versendaal, Emke Idema, Naja Lee Jensen, SoAP Maastricht, IN SITU, Østfold Internasjonale Teater, Oerol, C-TAKT, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, MU Hybrid Art House


The project continued by connecting two new artists with each other and two distant places. The artists worked (for each other) on location, without relocating physically. Being Here for You thereby raised further questions about distance (& proximity), travel and making site-specific work. The exchange took place consecutively in both participating places, on Terschelling at Oerol Festival in the Netherlands and in Fredrikstad at Østfold Internasjonale Teater in Norway.

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