while waiting


In places where people are waiting, tape is stuck to the floor. Here you can read who is waiting, what is being waited for, how long the waiting time lasts and what is being done or thought of, while waiting.


“The project and my interest in the state of waiting came about while I was on a residency during a theatre festival. People who visit arts festivals visit productions. In between, in the interval between the productions, they wait. I followed people as they waited, joined them and tried to capture the time they spent waiting. This resulted in an ever-expanding map in the heart of the festival, showing all the waiting that was taking place. Waiting for: a drink, a friend, an available seat or waiting to join in a conversation at the right moment. Using white tape and a black marker pen, I translated their wait into words and images. This gave a physical presence to something that’s virtually invisible and conveyed the unexpressed thoughts of the waiting people in a tangible form.”


2018  16 – 22 Mar  Festival Cement, Den Bosch (NL)
2018  13 – 22 July  Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
2020  11 – 12 Apr  Clash Festival, Grand Theatre, Groningen (NL)

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