Verwondering verkennen


This graduation thesis follows a line of observations with regard to the experience of art and discusses the importance of the state of wonder.

Verwondering verkennen (‘Exploring Wonder’) was awarded the annual thesis prize of the Faculty of the Arts, Hogeschool Zuyd and has therefore been published. It is written in Dutch and can be downloaded here.


“I wrote this essay during my graduation year, on the boundary between the academy and the start of a professional practice. I started the essay with no idea where it would go. I didn’t explore a specific objective, defend a standpoint or work towards a conclusion. I was able to use it as an exploration of my own, and other people’s, thoughts about the experience of art.”

Thesis prize 2016

Rita Hoofwijk presents a very carefully written and inspiring essay about the art experience: ‘Verwondering verkennen’. It is an excellent example of how, through the writing process, one can find an exciting and interesting topic. The reader is drawn into the train of thought, which touches on relevant references to art philosophers. The writing is striking for its fluidity and originality.

Jury: Jasper Coppes, Marcel van der Klink, Peter Missotten, Ruth Benschop | 30 Jan 2017

Mister Motley online publication 2020

Van een witte, lege rechthoek naar zinnen, observeren, het sublieme en autonomie. In de scriptie ‘Verwondering verkennen’ onderzoekt Rita Hoofwijk hoe alles constant in beweging is. Woorden geven betekenis aan dat wat we om ons heen zien, maar ook aan dat wat we niet kennen en denken te kunnen benaderen door de woorden die we wél kennen.

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Mister Motley | 22 Dec 2020

In collaboration

Frank Mineur, Ruth Benschop, Felix Schellekens

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