Jean can be visited on the train via the passenger’s smartphone. The work is inspired by a manifesto by Jean Tinguely, in which he calls on us to throw away our watches and to put the minutes and hours aside. With railway time, a universal clock was first introduced in 1885 on board the train, replacing local times. Today Jean acts as a timekeeper, allowing us to forget about (clock)time for the duration of one journey.


Jean was made in the context of EUROPALIA Trains & Tracks and in collaboration with the Dutch Railway company. Access to Jean could be found via the electronic billboards at the Dutch train stations and via the information screens inside the trains. On March 22, 2022, the project was launched in the Royal Waiting Room of Amsterdam Central Station.

In collaboration

Ehud Neuhaus, Yvonne van Versendaal, Elowise Vandenbroecke, SoAP Maastricht, EUROPALIA Trains & Tracks, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NMBS, C-TAKT, Workspace Brussels, De Grote Post, Marie-Ève Tesch, Liz Morrison


2022  22 Mrt – 15 May  Europalia Trains & Tracks, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NMBS (NL/BE)
2023  31 Jan – 12 Feb  Beyond the Black Box, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NL)

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