€xperiment 0.5


Over a one-year period, people were invited to invest the precise sum of 50 euro cents in €xperiment 0.5. When the year was over, the participants gathered at a former ‘V&D’, a department store that had recently gone bankrupt. In the abandoned department store they were asked to reconsider how they would like to invest their joint, unallocated money.


€xperiment 0.5 was part of my final year at the Institute for Performative Arts Maastricht. I puzzled over the various possible forms the outcome of this work might take. Until I realised that the biggest value was in the people who would come and in the considerations of what would happen to their, unallocated money. They were the capital. At about the same time as this discovery, I was given access to the premises of the V&D chain store that had just gone bankrupt. That’s how things came together.”

In collaboration

Janneke Defesche, Suzanne Dekker, Anna Kurz, Christiaan Kastrop, MoneyLAB, the Institute for Performative Arts Maastricht

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