Without You


Without You is an auditory, live installation that takes place as well in a small dark room, the size of a telephone box as on an (varying) external location. Via a telephone connection, contact is made with the visitor who is alone in the telephone box. The connection is one-sided and for the duration of the conversation – determined by the visitor – a live report is made of what happens in an (outside) world without him / her. This report by the maker passes from a true-to-life description of her environment, outside, via ambient sounds to the point where the visitor only hears how she actively participates in life around her on the other side of the line.


“For the specific context of the Beyond the Black Box festival, I wanted to make an installation that takes place in a black box and on location at the same time. An inspiration for this was a telephone booth with a ‘wind telephone’. It is located in Japan and has no other side of the line. The spoken words are brought to the absent other through the wind. For this installation I wondered what it would be like to be able to listen in on the other side of the line. “

In collaboration

Breg Horemans, Vinny Jones, Tim Bogaerts, David Weber-Krebs, SoAP Maastricht, De Brakke Grond


2019  5 – 8 Feb  Beyond the Black Box, de Brakke Grond Amsterdam (NL)

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