Without Us

Work in progress

In February 2020 I’ve resided in the atelier of Vooruit Arts Center in Ghent and closed this period with a try-out of Without Us, which was to be presented during the festival Public Works. Due to the current situation, it is still uncertain when the work will take place.


Without Us is a work that takes place in an urban landscape, without us. It takes us back to the time before we arrived here, and (just) after we got there. What did – and does – the world look like in our absence? From behind glass we look at a part of Ghent from another time. A time in which we did not yet exist or have long since existed. What went on and who is left behind?

“She is stretching the time while making me look at the same frame in both the present as the past and the future.” – a visitor of the try-out. 

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