Without Me


Without Me is presented in the black box. Live, a checklist is drawn up here, of a part of everything there is, within this black theatre space and in the reality outside. It is an exploration of the insignificance of the existence of a single human life. At the same time, it is also an exercise in being present. Every sentence added to the summary emphasises this woman’s potential absence by the repetition of ‘without me’. At the same time she becomes more visible, and is heard longer, with every phrase.


“The initial idea for Without Me originated back in 2016, when I was in my final year at the Institute for Performative Arts in Maastricht. It was a thought that popped up during one of the many train journeys that I made that year, travelling through different landscapes: what would the world be like without me, without us? This first version of the performance consisted of a pre-recorded CD, played live, listing things, elements, materials, feelings, and spaces in a world without me. In response to With Out, I reopened and presented this work in 2019.”

In collaboration

Vinny Jones, David Weber-Krebs, Hannah Loewenthal, Antwan Cornelissen, Anneke Tonen, SoAP Maastricht

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