Can’t Stop Motion


Inspired by a manifesto by Jean Tinguely and based on the paradoxical idea that the nature of reality is always in a constant state of flux, an audience is invited to take part in actively observing that ‘movement’.

Oerol, Terschelling The audience is split into two groups and asked to walk, one by one, while focusing on a person in the distance, as if watching their mirror image. The installation can be read as a monumental metronome. A form is created in the landscape that appears to be static but in fact changes with the movement of the audience.

Over’t IJ, Amsterdam – After actively creating a movement with the visitors in the landscape of Terschelling, it is an existing motion which is observed in Amsterdam. The audience gathers at the point where the ferry comes and goes to witness the iterative movement of passengers arriving, boarding and departing. A static movement.


Can’t Stop Motion was created as part of het Atelier, a project of Oerol and Over het IJ festival in collaboration with Felix Schellekens. The result was a site-specific work developed in the urban environment of the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North, and in the natural landscape of Terschelling.


“I visited an exhibition by Jean Tinguely at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and saw a glass display case, surrounded by his kinetic sculptures. The case contained about seven sheets of yellowed paper from his manifesto ‘Für Statik’. An English version. It immediately caught my attention, and first I photographed the manifesto then later copied it out. At the time, it didn’t occur to me that I might have been able to look it up… These words, which I feel say it all, and which Jean Tinguely—in an abbreviated version—scattered above Dusseldorf from an airplane, were the catalyst for het Atelier that resulted in Can’t Stop Motion.”


Everything is in motion yet at the same time nothing changes—it almost sounds like a reassurance in today’s world, which many people feel moves ‘too fast’. Time, space and encounter intermingle here gently and unspectacularly and with that, Can’t Stop Motion truly offers a sense of place-time-connection – something many theatre makers aspire to, but few succeed in.


Evelyne Coussens in Theaterkrant | 11 Jun 2017

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In collaboration

Felix Schellekens, Erik van de Wijdeven, Maurice Bogaert, Alexandra Broeder, Oerol, Over het IJ Festival


2017  9 – 19 Jun  Oerol, Terschelling (NL)
2017  14 – 23 Jul  Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam (NL)

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