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During the performance With Out, which concluded my city residency in Sittard, I was able to use the city centre’s PA system. That gave an added dimension to the performance as well as giving me another idea. It’s a system that’s already installed and functions. While the shops are open the system plays ambient music to affect people’s mood. Sound is a key factor in shaping a space. That’s also the role the audio played throughout the work.

In the Netherlands, every first Monday of the month at noon, sirens go off throughout the country. It’s a practice alarm, and we are used to it. I thought it might be interesting to make an (audio) programme for city centre PA systems. A different one-hour audio piece for each month of the year that would be played, for instance, at 7 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month. All the public has to do is go to the centre, or stay there, to listen. Perhaps folding seats could be handed out so people could sit and listen. I imagine that these twelve audio works could be part of a whole, or listened to separately. The content of each piece can vary. Sound as in music, an interview or recorded sound from another city centre in another place in the world.”

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