Without Us


Without Us is an audio installation which stretches the restriction of the ‘now’ and takes the listener into the same room in another time. The work allows the listeners to witness what has already happened and is yet to happen here without us.



Without Us was created for the first time in the ‘Tearoom’ of KANAL-Centre Pompidou, which was closed due to Covid-19. The abandoned Tearoom looked like a visual art work of the museum, an installation in memory of ‘the cafe’. The cafes and restaurants had already been closed for months in Brussels by this time and it was forbidden to take a seat at one of the tables in the Tearoom, but they were still there. I replaced the existing QR codes of the Menu for QR codes of the audio work, allowing the visitors to listen to the work with their smartphone, while walking on the ground floor or standing between the tables.”

In collaboration

Guy Gypens, Magali Halter, Hannah de Meyer, Hannah Loewenthal, Sébastien Perreux, SoAP Maastricht, KANAL-Centre Pompidou


2021  22 – 25 Apr  It Never Ends, KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Brussels (BE)
2021  17 – 21 Aug  Clash, Noorderzon, Groningen (NL)
2021  24 – 25 Sep  Openbare Werken, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier, Gent (BE)

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