Travelogue: CHAR M.K

Audio installation

Travelogue: CHAR M.K is a description of the journey that Jean Tinguely’s artwork CHAR M.K made to become part of the exhibition ‘Inner Travels’ from EUROPALIA in Bozar. It can be heard in the museum and describes the journey from the depot of the Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven) to the construction of the artwork in Bozar (Brussels).


“On October 19, 2016, I read a manifesto by kinetic artist Jean Tinguely in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It became a source of inspiration for much of my own work. For EUROPALIA I reconnected with Tinguely’s work. This time by taking care of one of his moving machines. I visited CHAR M.K in the depot outside the museum and got to know the artwork on every possible level when a museum employee suddenly asked me to officially become the work’s courier, as the museum was understaffed because of COVID-19. I travelled to Bozar as CHAR M.K’s courier and this became the work I presented.”

In collaboration

Toos Nijssen, Ehud Neuhaus, Yvonne van Versendaal, Charlie Cattrall, Marie-Ève Tesch, Liz Morrison, EUROPALIA Trains & Tracks, SoAP Maastricht, Van Abbemuseum, Full of tape, Van Kralingen


2022  01 Mrt – 15 May  EUROPALIA Trains & Tracks Rinus van de Velde: Inner Travels, Bozar, Brussel (BE)

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