Pleased To Meet You


Two people, strangers, enter a room at different times, through different entrances. Both wear headphones, on which they hear a voice influencing their meeting. The voice directs their (physical) behaviour and, as the encounter progresses, it becomes harder to tell if someone is acting spontaneously or if the reactions are staged. The performance works towards a moment on which the voice loses control of the performance and the encounter. The two people finally leave, again at different moments, by different exits.


Pleased to Meet You was made in response to a David Weber-Krebs workshop in my second year at the Institute for Performative Arts Maastricht. It is the first work that was presented outside the academy. And the first performance I made in which the position of the visitor changed. The visitor became an active participant and was partly responsible for the course of the performance. I was inspired by this element of ‘surprise’, of not knowing, that I felt also offered the possibility of a ‘more real’ experience, no matter how engineered the framework at the same time was.”

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