Six visitors view the installation at the same time. They watch the same performance from a different vantage point twice in a row, thus seeing two of six possible perspectives, which are named after camera positions. Seen through these lenses, these frameworks, the visitor gains a different experience of the same choreography being performed in the white cube. The two perspectives are complementary but incomplete.


Autofocus came about during my third year at the Institute for Performative Arts Maastricht and was a subsequent investigation into manipulating people’s expectations and interpretations of an image. Also, just like in 13:24:52:80, the visitor didn’t get to experience the work in its entirety. For Autofocus I worked with Felix Schellekens, then a student of Mime at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, for the first time.”

In collaboration

Felix Schellekens, Amelia van den Bergh, Nick Kempeners, Jean-Paul Caelen, the Institute for Performative Arts Maastricht

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