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Audio tour

A parallel audio tour consisting of five tracks that describe the title of the location where the sound fragment should be heard. The visitors download the files on their phones and listen to them anonymously at a moment of their own choosing. The voice encourages the visitor to look at the way the event is organised, how the space is used, the social codes. There are audio files entitled ‘the volunteers’ changing room’, ‘the foyer’, ‘at the window’, ‘the cloakroom’ and a file that might provide access ‘backstage’ which challenges the listener to take the stage.


“The topic of the Waanzin Festival resonated with me: reflecting on what we consider to be (ab)normal. What surprised me was how the event was organised in a standard or expected way. Lectures and circle discussions took place in a rented floor of Tivoli Vredeburg in Utrecht. I tried to point out the potential absurdity of these familiar scenarios.

I also asked performer Nick Steur to present a text explaining the work during the festival opening. At first it seemed like a common explanation of how visitors could use the audio tour. It gradually became clear that the maker was speaking and only the man’s voice and physical presence had been borrowed for this occasion.”

In collaboration

Filosofie Magazine, Lianne Tijhaar, Evanne Nowak, Nick Steur

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